Our Curriculum

"Bambini" follows a developmentally appropriate philosophy, that is, the program will be guided by the needs of the children that it serves. Children are taught in a manner that matches the way they develop and learn. Children are challenged just beyond the level of their present ability and are given constant opportunities to practice newly acquired skills. Along with opportunities to learn through play and social interaction, children are also provided with the skills that will allow them to be ready for pre-school.

For children one year and older, we implement the Chit Chatters curriculum, a recognized early childhood curriculum especially designed to teach Spanish to infants, toddlers and young children. The curriculum is environmentally based, emergent and promotes active learning. This curriculum is based on teachers' observations of the children in their care; the observations are then used for planning lessons based on the interests and skill levels of the child. Click here for more details about our curriculum.

Material is presented through a thematic approach in which a theme is chosen every four to five weeks. Themes provide variety to the curriculum and a context to imbed language and practice skills. All of this is offered in the context of a community where children are valued and respected.

In addition to our exclusive Chit Chatters Curriculum, we proudly implement the Creative Curriculum at all our classrooms, please click here and here to learn more.

In the infant room, we implement the Experience Baby Curriculum.

We also implement the Spark Curriculum as our Physical Education Curriculum.



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